October 2014 Trip Report – HHN Nights And Food & Wine Days – Day 10 - Final Thoughts

October 2014 Trip Report – HHN Nights And Food & Wine Days – Day 10 – Final Thoughts

Not much happens on day 10 but I thought it would be a good opportunity to summarize the trip. Get all the data together in the event it might be useful to other people. Alas I am getting ahead of myself.

Woke up a little late this morning with nothing scheduled ahead of us other than our exit. Woke up had some coffee with the folks and had some laughs at how I was locked out the night prior. We were moved to a boardwalk view, but pretty sure I never made it out to the patio. We leisurely packed up and timed it to be ready to exit at our check out time of 11:00am. We had bell services take our bags down to the airport checkin location at the front door where we checked our bags and checked ourselves in.

We like to fly out in the early afternoon 2 – 3pm ideally as it makes for a recovery morning before we go. This allows us to be lazy in the room until the last moment, checkout and go. It works for us. We got into the rental and made our way to the airport. Dropped of the rental, and made our way to the always busy security line. I am one of those people who prefer to just push through security so its over with. Then sit at the bar until its time to not sit at the bar.

Had a very enjoyable flight on JetBlue home and back in Boston were we. As I now begin to summarize, lets begin right here with the flights. I had the opportunity to compare American Airlines and JetBlue directly on this vacation. I found the American Airlines flight pleasurable in first class at double the cost to Miami. The coach portion from Miami to Orlando however was painful. AA has significantly less leg room and no personal television. JetBlue on the other hand was comfortable all the way home and that is the general experience I had always gotten. As a rule, I will fly JetBlue even in the event it will cost me a little more.

The weather in early October 2014 was very, very wet. It rained, not stormed, rained almost every day of the vacation. Years passed I have not experienced this, but it is not unheard of either. The temperature was high 80’s to low 90’s pretty much every day and still quite a bit of humidity. That portion seemed pretty normal from previous experiences.

Crowds are manageable but by no means light. Epcot gets very crowded because of the festival and in the evenings you will see intoxicated patrons. Universal is pretty light for the full morning portion of your day. HHN of course is a lot like the festival, crowded and even more noticeably intoxicated young adults.

Rental car: In general you should not be nervous if you decide to drive around the Orlando area, everything is well marked, and plenty of lanes and space. This day with GPS in every phone you should not worry about this at all anymore. Thrifty specifically I found the counter to be understaffed but once I got there, they did a fine job. This unfortunately is pretty typical, so joining the rental club might save you some significant time.

Cabana Bay Beach Resort: Comparing it to a Disney resort, someone between a value and a moderate, but at a value price. Beds were unbelievably comfortable, everyone commented on that. Great theming, fun and great pool. Buses to the theme parks were plentiful, always had one coming/going.

Boardwalk Villas: Great location, spacious, comfortable, fantastic bar on property to unwind. Parking lot is far away. We used DVC points, but this is a deluxe resort.

It took me several months to get these thoughts put down, hope you were entertained or found them useful. Just glad I finished it before my next trip.


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