October 2014 Trip Report – HHN Nights And Food & Wine Days – Day 7

October 2014 Trip Report – HHN Nights And Food & Wine Days – Day 7

IMG_3263_EWe only had a handful of attractions we intended to ride and being at Epcot for the remainder of the Disney portion of the trip, that made it pretty easy to accomplish. We relied only on FastPass+ since there were so few attractions, and we only had scheduled in advance this particular day.  We left for the park around 10am in order to hit toward the end of our FP+ window so our next one would be available quickly. We were headed for the land pavilion where the first two attractions were located. Soarin’ happens to be my mom’s favorite and I had to make sure that was taken care of. The film is in even worse shape than I remember, it’s a shame they are waiting for another global park to open before they address that, especially since its one of two E ticket attractions in the park. Nonetheless, my mom loves it so I didn’t complain, at least not out loud.

Once completed we moved across the pavilion to experience the Living with the Land attraction. I’m not sure why I enjoy this attraction but I always do. Guess the years of Disney visits and relaxing boat rides gets etched into your brain. It doesn’t appear anything has changed in there in several years, or since the removal of the personal guide at least. Anyway, still really enjoy that attraction whatever may be the reason. At this point we have a small wait for our time at Spaceship Earth. My father and I enjoyed a beer in the shade while waiting and my mother was off shopping like she does. Once our window had arrived we had all reconvened and made our way onto the attraction. I may  have narrator preferences here but this attraction is something I really love. It embodies what I had always thought a Disney park was all about. It’s a shame more of this does not seem to be coming in the future. Spaceship Earth will always be a must do for me.

IMG_3270_EAlthough we did take a break in the afternoon, we had visited 3 different locations that covered 9 booths where we tried a little something from each. At Belgium, we got a flight of beers (Hoegaarden, Stella Artois, Leffe Blonde, Stella Artois Cidre to wash down our pork bellies from Brazil. The pork bellies are a big hit with the community this year and it makes perfect sense to me since it is basically a giant slab of bacon served along with black beans and tomato. From France we tried the Boeuf bourguignon served with mash potatoes. It was tasty but a bit heavy fortunately the beer flight helped me forget.

IMG_3271_EIf that hadn’t helped, the next flights would as our next location would include the Hops and Barley booth. Our flight here consisted of: Samuel Adams Octoberfest, New Belgium Snapshot, Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat and Leinenkugel’s Seasonal Shandy. Other than the Shandy they were all welcome choices. Although Sam Octoberfest is something I enjoy every year locally, its got this bold flavor I really enjoy. Probably my favorite of the seasonal brews from Sam Adams. From Japan I enjoyed a spicy tuna roll and a sake sunrise. The tuna roll is a safe sushi offering I have had several times, maybe someday I will graduate to the riskier options. The sake sunrise was quite tasty and reminded me of my favorite beverage at Epcot, the Tokyo sunrise. We were right there, I had to show my dad this amazing beverage so we stopped there after. The Tokyo Sunrise is in the permanent booth inside the Japan pavilion, make sure you go in and get one, you will not regret it. Never have been much of a fan for what Morocco offered at the festival so kept that safe with a Mimosa Royale because bubbles and alcohol equals fun.

This is where we had our obviously much needed break. We rested back at the hotel and returned to push on a few hours later. Although I typically enjoyed previous entrees at the Terra booth, I wasn’t in the mood at the time and only got a beverage, a Red Bridge Ale which was a little different, a slight bitter taste. From Patagonia we had beef skewers and the beef empanadas. They had clearly been sitting around for a bit and could have been fresher, but still tasty. I particularly enjoyed the skewers with their chimichurri sauce. We tried the venison sausage and the lamb meatball from New Zealand. They were both quite good, giving the edge to the lamb meatball. I am a big fan of Sauvignon Blanc, particularly from New Zealand so I enjoyed my glass of Mohua Sauvignon Blanc very much. We pretty much rolled ourselves out of Epcot after eating so much.

IMG_3273_EOur evening, however, was far from over. As exhausted as I was, I had promised my parents we could go to Jellyrolls. Jellyrolls is a dueling piano bar on the Boardwalk that I had mentioned to them several times and for one reason or another they never got over there. It is a 21 and up only club and has a 12 dollar cover charge. Each night typically has 2 pairs of pianists alternating sets. This means there is no break from the entertainment. These pianists are entertaining, funny, and extremely talented. They can play just about anything and everything you can imagine. The more ‘off’ the pick the more they will amaze you. They offer a special drink each night called the red solo cup special. Yes, it is served in a large red solo cup, sort of a drink of the day. I had no idea what I was drinking but it was delicious. As I had mentioned, I was exhausted, still wiped out from the Universal portion of my vacation, but I wasn’t worried because my mom typically has one white russian and is exhausted and would want to leave. Typical was not in the cards, when my mother ordered a 2nd, and then a 3rd I finally had to speak up and beg to leave. They really enjoyed it, they were singing and clapping and drinking more than I have ever seen them. They can barely handle those ECV’s sober but they did ok and I couldn’t wait to hit that bed.

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