Backscratcher - Tambu Lounge

Backscratcher – Tambu Lounge

It is only appropriate as part of our ‘Bring the magic home’ series I begin with my favorite beverage on Walt Disney World property. The Backscratcher is a rum and fruit juice drink that is also quite potent. It is also comes complete with your own backscratcher so you can you tell your family you are just being thrifty. It is simple to make but leaves a lasting impression so go ahead and try it right at home.



ice1 ½ oz shot of Bacardi Rum1 ½ oz shot of Meyers Dark Rum1 ½ oz shot of Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey

Passion Fruit Juice

orange slice and cherry to garnish *optional

backscratcher *optional


Fill a hurricane glass with ice and pour both rum shots into the glass. Pour in passion fruit juice to near full and shake. Float the Jack Daniels shot on top, garnish, insert backscratcher and serve