Must Do Attractions - Magic Kingdom

Must Do Attractions – Magic Kingdom

The MUST DO attractions at the Magic Kingdom

I weighed my top choices for ‘must do’ attractions with consideration of enjoyment, theme, and my attachment to the attraction. With so many choices located in this park it is not easy to make such decisions, but ultimately I settled on five I would need to ride again if it were my last time to ever do so. After listing those five I also noticed that unique lands within the Magic Kingdom were represented, no repeats. I chose an attraction from Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland.

piratesCounting backward, my fifth choice representing Fantasyland would be Peter Pan’s Flight. Ultimately this is more of a nostalgic choice for me and has positive memories going back decades. The attraction is definitive of what makes a great dark ride. The story is told well as you set sail from London to Neverland and you become part of the adventure that is Peter Pan. No height restrictions allows the entire family to enjoy the experience together. Generation after generation seems allured by it and all it embodies.

Coming in at number four I went with Splash Mountain from Frontierland. Everything about this attraction exudes wow factor. To call it a flume ride is heresy because it delivers so much more than a log tipping over the falls. From the Briar Patch facade to the final drop and every part in between includes strong storyline, fantastic sets, a catchy song, fun animatronics and ultimately some thrill as Brer Fox is tricked into tossing you into the patch 52 feet below. Most people will never have seen the movie ‘Song of the South’ which the attraction is based on and that will have no impact as the storyline in the attraction can stand on it’s own. Bright colors and the interior sets in particular are breathtaking for any age group. Getting a little wet doesn’t hurt either when you spend the day in the hot Orlando sun.

Pirates of the Caribbean came in at number three for me. In the past I would have bumped this to an even higher position but after seeing the attraction at Disneyland it lost a little bit of luster in my heart. Rather than dwelling on what we don’t have at the Magic Kingdom, lets focus on what is still wonderful about it. No trip for me to adventureland is complete without the attraction and the gift shop. Floating through the scenes brings so much enjoyment surrounded by pirates, farm animals, and of course an inescapable song. Only at Walt Disney World can we cheer looting, pillaging, and arson but honestly its all in good fun. We’re devils and black sheep, really bad eggs, drink up me ‘earties yo-ho.

spacemountainIf I were to base this Tomorrowland attraction on just the enjoyment of the ride alone it would probably have taken the number one spot on my list. Alas it will have to settle on the second spot. Space Mountain is so much more than just an indoor roller coaster. Simply put it is a classic. The queue may be simple but the background music is something that has always been special in my heart. As we wind through the tunnels the excitement within builds ultimately boarding that rickety little vehicle to launch into the darkness. I love this attraction, in fact I always have loved it. It is not smooth like more modern coasters and oddly enough that is much of it’s charm. A small case of whiplash is certainly worth the entertainment the ride provides. The unusual building it is housed in is also as iconic as the attraction itself. You can’t help but smile when those unusual spires come into view for the first time during your vacation.

My absolute must do attraction for the Magic Kingdom can be found in it’s smallest ‘land’, Liberty Square. The Haunted Mansion entertains me like no other. By the time I enter the stretching room I can barely contain myself. It is also a great example of how a ride can go under refurbishment and actually come out even stronger. It still has all of its charm it had the day it opened and also has some great newer projector technologies inserted in a respectful manner. The slow move throughout the mansion has so much splendor to watch and listen to scene after scene. In the evening the attraction gets even stronger as a result of the lighting outside and the lack thereof inside. The ballroom scene is my absolute favorite, I wish I could slow time so as to glimpse as much of everything as I could in there. I think I may have seen it nine hundred and ninety nine times, and I do believe there is room to see it one more time. Please beware of hitchhiking ghosts.

So there you have it, my must do attractions at the Magic Kingdom

(5) Peter Pan’s Flight – Fantasyland
(4) Splash Mountain – Frontierland
(3) Pirates of the Caribbean – Adventureland
(2) Space Mountain – Tomorrowland
(1) The Haunted Mansion – Liberty Square