Son of a Beach – Day 9

IMG_2604As one might imagine, waking up this morning was difficult.  This is our last full day on vacation and I was all about taking it easy.  Leisurely hanging out at the pool, light lunch, that sort of thing.  Finally got the energy up to walk over to the Boardwalk and get some drinks and snacks at ESPN club.  I enjoy the atmosphere here a lot at the bar and usually get over here much more often during a trip but this was the only time I could make it over there.

Didn’t do a whole lot of anything up until dinner and then things really went wrong.  We had a reservation at Todd English’s Blue Zoo which is one of my favorites.   Happened to glance at the menu and noticed it had changed pretty drastically, in fact drastically enough that we knew most of our party would have nothing they would want to eat.  The Disney policy now is under 24 hours cancellation or no shows incur a $10 per person charge on you guessed it… My credit card!  We called the Blue Zoo and they were understanding but they said, sadly this is Disney’s policy and not theirs.  Had we made the reservation with them directly there would be no charge at all.  Noted!  The restaurants that are not owned by Disney also do their own reservations, but you do have to remember that they are not doing it 180 days out like Disney is so you might be leaving it to chance.  Noted none-the-less.

IMG_2607So we decided it was our last day and rather than letting it get ruined, we would eat the $70 and find something else.  Captains Grill at Yacht Club had availability and we ate there instead.  Had never eaten here and we enjoyed it quite a bit.  The service was great, the food cooked the way we ordered it.  We definitely ended up very happy to have switched here where everyone could be happy, and we were.

After dinner, we made our way to DHS which was also EMH night until midnight.  For the record, we did something unusual here.  We actually avoided Star Wars Weekend and most people think we are crazy.  Even though have never seen a Star Wars Weekend, we felt with only 4 days in the parks it just would not be worth fighting the crowds over it.  We do not regret the choice one bit as an afterthought either.

If the new FastPass+ system had one up side to it, it has to be that you can go to Toy Story Midway Mania at 7pm no problem.  Assuming thats how you planned your FastPass+ of course.  Seemed like a strange feeling not having to be at rope drop to get on the attraction.  We did all the major attractions no problem at all and we didn’t have to stay until midnight either which was convenient since we were all falling apart.  We walked back to the hotel so we could enjoy the last part of our last evening.




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