Son of a Beach – Day 8

IMG_2561Somehow we managed to stay in bed until 10 am this morning.  That is pretty awesome if you ask me.  Had a light lunch at Hurricane Hannah’s which is the pool bar and grill.  A heavy storm hit and trapped us there and figures it lasted more than 15 minutes.  Eventually we had to get soaked walking back to the room.  The bar is a nice little spot out in the middle of the pool area, a little difficult to get to particularly for people with trouble walking.  Once there however the staff are friendly and it gives off a good vibe.

The rain lasted a couple of hours so we took it easy until suppertime arrived.  We were heading to the Wilderness Lodge resort for Whispering Canyon Cafe.  We decided to take a cab rather than take a bus to MK and then a boat or bus to the lodge which I am glad we did.  It cost about $15 which was nothing split across 6 people.

IMG_2567I have stayed at the Wilderness Lodge a few times but it has been a while.  You forgot just how massive and gorgeous that lobby is.  It really is one of the biggest spectacles on property in my opinion.  We checked in at the Whispering Canyon and before long our pager went off letting us know our table was ready.  We sat and ordered drinks and our waiter was attentive while staying in character.  Here they tend to be a little obnoxious on purpose as part of the ambiance.  The service doesn’t suffer but they will torment you at every opportunity whether it is throwing the drink napkins around the table or screaming bloody murder for some ketchup.    The majority of our group ordered the all you can eat family style bbq.  I myself got the bison meatloaf.  Everything was good, nothing was over the top fantastic but nothing was less than what you would expect for this type of environment.  Fun place to eat especially in a group and a trip to see the lobby makes it double worth it.

IMG_2566After dinner we made our way over to the Magic Kingdom.  With Extra Magic Hours the park was open until 3am.  We kept glancing at the wait time for the 7 Dwarfs mine train and it looked awful all night so kept putting it off.  I also was wearing the shirt I had bought solely for the purpose of the trip.  I thought the CM’s would love it and some did mention it as early as getting by the turnstile, or whatever it is called these days.   We did get to ride pretty much everything we wanted without any waits beyond 20 minutes but at 2am we decided the 60 minute posted wait for the mine train wasn’t going to get any better.  The line was deceiving because basically they have to check everyone’s magic band to make sure they are supposed to be in the park since it was onsite hotel guests only.  In the end we really only waited 30 minutes for the attraction.  Which personally is too much in my opinion.  The 8 year old girl behind me as we exited summed it up for me.  “Mom, now can we go on a real ride?”.  Honestly, even though I had previously known they over hyped it, it was still over hyped.  It was over before I knew what happened.  Yes the one scene in the middle with the animatronics is cool, and yes the quick glance at the end of looking into the cottage is neat.  What the heck took so long to create here that is what I want to know.   Universal has really stepped up it’s game and I know it caught Disney flat footed with their money sunk into my magic+ and Avatar but seriously.  It’s time to multitask like the rest of us have to do in our daily lives.  Yes, if you can’t tell, I was disappointed.

We didn’t quite make it until 3am but we came pretty close.   Fortunately it was not a long wait for our bus and before we knew it I was passed out in the bed at the room.

Oh the last ride was actually Peter Pan’s Flight we enjoyed, with a 10 minute wait.  When does that ever happen? NEVERland.




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