Son of a Beach – Day 7

IMG_2545Today we had reserved a late breakfast at Kouzzina by Cat Cora.  This happens to be my favorite place to have breakfast and sadly may be the last time I ever get to eat here as it is closing as of September 30th.  I may have to crash it one last time, but we were headed here just in case.  The service was fantastic and the breakfast exceptional as always has been for us.  They have a couple of spinoffs of a bloody mary on the menu but when I asked the waitress which one I would prefer if I love a good spicy bloody mary she offered to make me one of her own special ones.  She boasted she has made them for 27 years better than anybody else.  She delivered it was fantastic!  I had the Kouzzina skillet while everyone else did opt for more traditional american style breakfasts and all rejoiced in a wonderful meal to get us going for the day.

Visited the pool for a bit and made our way back to Epcot in the afternoon.  We had Mission:Space, living with the land, and Soarin fastpass+ reservations and we hoped to get a ride on Nemo as well.  We were successful on all counts and this did finish the attraction bucket list we wanted for Epcot.

IMG_2554Dinner was at the Garden Grill and it is one of the few places I have never been to.  For starters the restaurant wasn’t spinning, and then we still had to wait for quite some time even with a reservation.  It was family style which I hadn’t realized ahead of time, and…  A character meal… sigh!  It was OK but I’ll be happy to never go there again haha.   I bet the Asian couple next to us who does not speak english will also agree, but that is a story for another time.

Our Soarin’ fastpass+ was actually scheduled for after supper and it worked out great because it worked out to keep us busy right up until the Illuminations sparkling dessert party was to begin.  A heft price tag of $49 per person but if you have never seen Illuminations from directly across from the American pavilion you may want to do it.  The reserved area gives the perfect view and it is not crowded at all.  So if you can’t get your fill of dessert and champagne you can always add this view to offset the cost.  They had a variety of desserts and a couple of sparkling wines and everything was all you can eat / drink.  I think I would do it again.  Not every time, but Illuminations is my favorite night time spectacular and that view is just incredible.


We let the crowd get a head start on us after Illuminations before making our way back through the International Gateway exit and back to our room for a nice glass of amaretto to cap off the night.




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