Son of a Beach – Day 5

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESUp at 6 am thanks to my iPhone alarm as I really wanted to see a sun rise at this gorgeous beach.  I threw some clothes on and made my way down to the beach and awaited 6:26am as the sun poked above the horizon.  It was breathtaking to say the least.  Suddenly things get put into perspective when seeing something like this.  My daughter was down there also as she too was looking forward to the sunrise as well as a daily ‘meet a marine biologist’ even that happens on the beach at 7am.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWe passed the time just watching the ocean and the gorgeous colors of the sun reflecting majestically upon it.  At 7am a four wheeler pulled up and two marine biologists approached us.  Over night a sea turtle had laid some eggs not to far from our location and they were going to take us to it and investigate the nest before roping it off for protection.  It was pretty interesting and glad my daughter had come to see it as she recently changed her major to marine biology.  The two marine biologists dug in the nest area to locate exactly where the eggs were and then used markers and tape to section the area off.

Not to soon thereafter we loaded up Big Bertha and checked out of the resort.  It was sad to be moving along but we still had plenty more to do and see which took the sting out of it.  We drove back toward MCO and beyond and had our GPS set to guide me to the new Universal Orlando Resort hotel Cabana Bay Beach Resort.  Traffic was light and we made good time.

IMG_2482Upon arrival you could immediately understand the 50’s and 60’s retro beach vibe the entire resort is themed upon.  Classic automobiles are parked around the lobby entrance and everything has that new and shiny feel and smell.  Entering the spacious lobby revealed a very open environment with plenty of seating and even a bar off to the side.  Our rooms were not ready so as a group we enjoyed lunch at the Bayliner diner.

The Bayliner Diner is a counter service restaurant with several stations with different items.  You will find lots of comfort food along with a couple of unusual entrees to try and satisfy the masses.  Burgers, sandwiches, salads, pizza, baked items, and a couple of international items are the typical fare.  Plenty of seating exists just outside the diner and it was good for what it is.  A quick service place to grab some quick food.

IMG_2477After lunch our group dispersed into two groups, the bowlers and the swimmers.  My wife and daughter went to the pool while the rest of us decided to spend some time at Galaxy Bowl.  I was wearing flip flops so had to buy some ridiculous neon green socks but they may just have provided the luck I needed as I won 3 of 4 games.  It is not a huge place, 10 lanes, but it is a real lot of fun.  Music, nightclub style lighting, and automatic scoring accompanied with a waiter providing me with adult beverages equals a fantastic time.  It was very affordable with an early bird special of $5 each giving us an hour at the lane for up to 3 people.  I would recommend this to anyone looking for some family competitive fun and I will be sure to do it whenever I get the chance.

Had a beverage at the swizzler bar located in the lobby while awaiting the swimmers in our group to get their fill.  Our rooms were ready when they arrived so we emptied Big Bertha and got our first look at the rooms.  At this point the hotel only has phase 1 open which means we got family suites for the price of the regular rooms.  Let me tell you they were fantastic.  They include a kitchenette with a table bar, a living room, bedroom and a 3 section bathroom.  The 3 section bathroom is something every hotel should take a good look at.  The middle holds the sink with 2 doors at either side.  One leading to the shower and the other leading to the toilet.  3 people can be going about their business at the same time.  Brilliant.


After dropping our bags we ventured out to Citywalk to take a look at all that was going on.  Since the walk way is not complete, the bus stop is just past the lobby and there was a bus waiting for us as we arrived.  Lots of construction naturally with the big changes coming and after some skulduggery and shopping we decided Antojito’s would be a great new place to try.  They have an upstairs and downstairs with different menus.  The hostess informed us downstairs was traditional mexican food while upstairs was more traditional south american fare.  We opted for the mexican food and found it to be amazing.  Great specialty margaritas and some really interesting choices along with the safe tacos and burrito options.  If you learn nothing else from me about this place make sure you order the esquite asados appetizer.  I could have taken a giant bowl of that away and eaten it until I exploded.  The menu describes it as ‘Roasted corn, jalapeño mayonnaise, queso fresco, ancho chile, just made tortilla chips’ but I would just assume describing it as YUM.  It has very little kick despite some of the ingredients but what it lacks in heat it makes up for in flavor.  You will not be disappointed.IMG_2507

After a little more strolling through Citywalk we made our way back to the bus stop which is by the escalator located at the drop off and taxi area.  Once again a bus was waiting for us and we were back to the hotel in no time.  A few more drinks at the Swizzler were in order and we watched some of the Rangers and Canadians play off game until we felt the need to retire.  Once we got back to the room I did finish watching the Rangers knock the Canadians out of the playoffs so the uninverse was back in balance and revenge was mine.  Yes the Canadians knocked the Bruins out if you are wondering.  Then off to bed as tomorrow will be another  whirlwind!




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