Son of a Beach – Day 4

IMG_2463Of course today we decided to all rent boogie boards and of course the progression each day of larger and larger waves ended today.  Mind you small waves at Vero Beach are still pretty big but they were nothing in comparison to the prior days.  We loaded up our cooler and spent a few hours at the beach with only a break for lunch at Bleachers.  Bleachers is the counter service area at the pool and serves the basics.  Sandwiches, burgers, and pizza.  It seems to small here and there is always a pretty big line to wait to order.  Once you do order, they hand you a pager and you can wait elsewhere for your food to be ready.  There is a small section of tables to eat at nearby but that lacks as well.  It also is only open until 8pm and there are no waiters, waitresses throughout the pool area getting you beverages.  Of all the things I noted, this was where I feel Disney was really leaving money on the counter.  At any of their other resorts you can always count on someone asking you if you would like a cold beverage.  Anyway it was convenient today because we were going right back to the beach and stayed for a couple more hours.

IMG_2466_2In the evening we had noted a name of a restaurant that was south of the resort by the same area we had eaten the night before at The Tides.  It was called Nino’s Cafe and our son, Nathaniel as a toddler had trouble pronouncing his name.  So to us, he is forever known as Nino.  It was a casual itialian food that was very good for the price point.  Entrees were 10 – 12 bucks and everything seemed fresh.  They took us right in and gave us great service.  All sorts of Italian food are available from pizza to pasta to veal, you name it.  They also had a fair wine list as well as some Italian beers available with the typical local options as well.  We did have an issue where the waitress seemed to say 10% tip was included for parties of 6 or more but after paying and adding to that tip the math showed after the fact we over tipped because they actually added 20%.  There is some debate among our group whether or not the waitress was aware and we were split on the decision.  Putting that out there just in case it was intentionally, review your receipt carefully.   We did all agree the food was good and would consider it again with an eagle eye on the bill.

After dinner we did walk up to that portion of the beach by Nino’s to check it out.  It was a beautiful and lively area with parking and the like.  A nice alternate view of the beautiful ocean at Vero Beach.

IMG_2470After the 15 minute ride back, we all once again had a night cap at the Green Cabin Lounge.  I had yet to try their rhy manhatten and it was on the ‘to do’ list so had to make it happen.  Needed to be up early the next day in order to finally see that sunrise I had been planning on seeing and putting off.  This would be our last chance as we were to check out tomorrow.






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