Son of a Beach – Day 3

After sleeping late, we set out for the beach where we saw the waves even bigger today than the days prior. It was awesome.  At 200lbs they were just pushing me around.  At one point I even felt my fight or flight instinct kick in as I couldn’t figure out which way was up while being dragged ashore in less than two feet of water.  This beach is not a beach for children, that is certain.  This will be one of the beach days I remember for the rest of my life.

IMG_2455For lunch we returned to the Green Cabin Lounge for burgers and a couple of beers.  The burger was unexpectedly exceptional and there is no such thing as a bad beer!

We attended what we learned was the first ‘A taste of Disney’ event a couple hours after lunch.  The resort had left voice mail messages to the guests informing us of the event and we took them up on it.  I believe it was just over forty dollars and my mother and I decided to give it a try.  We were told it would be a little shaky as this was their first one and they hoped to learn from it and then have the event weekly starting in August.  The chef had been at the resort for just under a year but had been working throughout the Disney World resort for several years.  Most notably as far as I was concerned was a few years at Jiko.  He prepared a Black Grouper dish for us and it was paired with a Chardonnay and it was delicious.  He took the time to answer questions and I think they delivered a good cooking demo.  I would do it again we both decided.

IMG_2461Dinner was a switch up last minute but it turned out to be well worth it.  The Tides is a restaurant located about eight miles south of the resort.  It is a little place that was a bit misleading in that we suddenly learned we were slightly under dressed for the establishment.  Of course we didn’t realize it until we really got inside as you might not realize it from the very plain outside appearance of the restaurant.  We were seated and it was to late to worry about such things so ordered our drinks and began to peruse the menu.  They specialize in fish but have plenty else to offer with beef, pork and chicken entrees as well.  The salads were fresh and the service was responsive.  All six of us really enjoyed the entrees and thought it was well worth what we paid for it.  The entrees average around thirty dollars a piece and we would definitely return albeit a little more dressed.  Button up shirt, slacks, and shoes would be the appropriate dress for the restaurant if anyone is wondering.

After dinner we made a quick stop for some errands at a CVS we had noticed on the way home and then on for some Amaretto with the family.





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