Son of a Beach – Day 2

Vero BeachWe spent the morning into early afternoon at the beach.  The waves were more impressive this day than the day prior.  Two of our group rented boogie boards and were being pounded on.  From where I was sitting it didn’t look like they were having fun but they disagreed.  I was happy to be swimming and jumping when necessary to avoid the wrath of the ocean.

After beach time, my wife and I went on a mission to locate the other side of the resort.  There is a lake side, wilderness side of the resort when looking at the map but it is not obvious where to go to see it.  After a brief walk toward the front gate we noticed a pedestrian tunnel going under the street and we knew we found the way.  The other side is quite spacious, a lot of parking and instead of feeling like the beach it feels like the woods.  Trees and bushes are everywhere except the beaten paths in which we followed.  Great barbecue areas and picnic tables with a hint of tiki to them.  Volleyball courts and even a full sized soccer field were present.  The last noticeable feature was an area that is clearly a bonfire pit.  The area looked like a lot of fun but seemed abandoned.  I can only presume it is not the season this area is used in.

Vero Camp

We needed some lunch and some items at the grocery store so we had followed our GPS about 8 miles to a Publix.  Basically we bought a lot of booze and a couple of snacks, which makes sense if you think about it.  After stocking up on the booze I searched for a close restaurant and a place called Vic’s Italian Restaurant popped up a short distance from our location.  Pulling in the establishment almost looked desolate.  Nobody else appeared to be in the building and this made me a little nervous about the food we were about to eat.  No sooner did we sit down before a steady stream of guests come pouring in.  The menu consisted of everything from subs to pizza to big Italian entrees.  The bigger meals were dinner only so we had half the menu to work with.  I got a stromboli calzone while others had pizza, spaghetti and meatballs, and even a frittata.  This little place turned out to be a gem, everyone was more than happy and the desserts made a couple people beg to return.  It was the spumoni bomba if you are ever in the area and you want to see for yourself.  It was priced right and the pizza’s come in a variety of sizes including individual ones.  We will return here if we find our way at Vero Beach again for sure.

Vero Pirate PartyAfter a relaxing afternoon we made our way to the shutters restaurant on property.  Tonight is barbecue night, which is a character meal served family style with everything you would expect from a barbecue except for ribs.  Chicken, pulled pork, steak, corn on the cob, cole slaw, and the like is all dropped on the table and your server will refill anything you ask for as it is all you can eat.  You are given an eye patch and a pirate bandanna to wear during dinner.  Donald and Goofy will visit you on occasion table side and the kids will play a game or two over the course of the dinner.  I can only rate this as mediocre at best.  We felt rushed as they need to turn the tables over and I suppose prevent you from eating them out of their profit and the food was just OK.  It was expensive in the 50+ range per person and just didn’t live up to the hype from what the CM’s were describing prior to attending.

The resort had a campfire with s’mores this evening and we decided to check it out.  Sadly, we made the bad assumption that it would be over at the huge bonfire pit we had found earlier across on the lake side of the resort.  It is a pretty long walk to be wrong, it was actually at the far end of the resort.  We strolled up while the CM’s sang “boom chicka boom”.  You haven’t lived until you have heard it done gangnam style.  I left after the song but my wife and daughter stayed for the s’mores.  I returned to my parents room to enjoy some Amaretto with my dad.  Sort of a family tradition, and a good one at that.




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