The Park Blogger Podcast - 087 - Scavenger Hunt

Todays topic is a Universal Scavenger hunt requested [email protected] .

The Park Blogger Podcast - 086 - Lets crush it

Todays topics include Fallon, Pandora, Gondolas, Amitista Cookhouse, Sapphire Falls, and a trip report.

The Park Blogger Podcast - 085 - Ate all the balls

Todays topics include a full review of the International festival of the arts, MaxPass, and Virtual Line.

The Park Blogger Podcast - 084 - Russian Hack

The boys are back and discussing Blaze Pizza, Mardi Gras, Beer in the Magic Kingdom and Russian hacks.

The Park Blogger Podcast - 083 - Take a Chance on me

Aengus gives the low down on the Universal & HHN portions of his vacation. Take a Chance

The Park Blogger Podcast - 082 - Dueling Trip Reports

Dueling trip reports from Brian and Aengus. Brand gets to chime in since he was part of both vacations.

The Park Blogger Podcast - 081 - Toothsome

Full Toothsome review, Fast Pass+ nonsense, and some pre trip thoughts

Episode - 80 - HHN Extravaganza

Brand and Aengus take on the entire Halloween Horror Night reveal. We begin with what makes the event special to us, talk about an experience if you are afraid, and then get into the nuts and bolts of the event.

The Park Blogger Podcast - 079 - Memorable Meals

Today Brand tells us about his experiences at Busch Gardens and a review of Homecoming before we settle in and round table about our memorable meals on vacation.

The Park Blogger Podcast - 078 - Great Memories

Taking a break from reality and talking about fun times in theme parks. Leave your negativity at the door please